Business English

Business English

Course Title: Business English

Duration: (40 Hours)


For business professionals looking to advance their careers through improving their English, This is a practical Business English course that focuses on real, relevant communication skills they can immediately use in the workplace, as well use the essentials writing skills .

Course Objectives:

  • Points get students talking about business concepts that are relevant to their work.

  • Language Points provide explicit grammar explanations applied in a business context.

  • Practically Speaking sections help students put language to use immediately.

  • Learn about the basics writing

Table Of Contents:

  • Talking about a new project

  • Talking about financial issues

  • Discussing a new Add campaign

  • Talking about manufacturing

  • Talking about company strategy

  • Discussing good results

  • Discussing bad results

  • Discussing difficult decisions

  • Dealing with dissatisfied customer

  • Discussing a difficult request

  • Motivating Co-workers

  • Running a meeting

  • Discussing a mistakes

  • Taking credit for good results

  • Shifting blame

  • Politely disagreeing with someone

  • Telling somebody off

  • Complaining about Co-worker

  • Explaining that you are feeling overworked

  • Calling in sick

  • Requesting a bank loan

  • Negotiating a purchase

  • Conducting a performance review

  • Promoting an employee

  • Firing somebody

  • Job interview

  • Why you are writing

  • How formal of informal do you need to be

  • Business writing for today

  • Winning business through English

  • Shine through your writing

  • Telling your story through social media

  • Defining Business English

  • Writing English for global business

  • Structure your email

Program Phases:


Challenging capabilities and simulating real cases through training and coaching environment to engage our learners’ talents to the real updated world.

Phase 2: ENGAGE

This program provides an opportunity for practitioners and learners to focus on leadership in the information professions from both theoretical and practical perspectives. The program employs theoretical concepts and models, coupled with case studies based on the experiences of leaders within the profession to understand how to develop leadership potential in oneself and others.

Phase 3: APPLY

When the program classroom experience ends, participants can apply and sustain their learning by using the following ongoing support:

  • Optional, fee-based learning, coaching & support, such as extended coaching engagements, additional Learning packages & custom initiatives to connect individual development to organizational needs.

Facilities &Terms:

  • Program leader from operations department.

  • Enrolment can be done 2 days ahead the course start date.

  • All learners should attend at least 80% of course total hours to gain the certificates.

  • Participating and discussing are necessary to achieve the maximum training benefit.

  • Pre-assessment will be applied at the beginning of the training

  • Post- assessment will be provided along with the attendance certificate after the completion date.